Kells kills it
Whore bath..dust my curtain

They must be fighting because now I’m worth talking to all of a sudden. Super cute you dropped her off at her friends you guys have a healthy relationship and you are just getting your own time to yourselves. Yeah, fucking right! LMFAO! One of two things is happening. ..You guys are fighting and broke up, Again.  so, you dropped her off somewhere because she sure did message me on some dumb shit.   Or since she’s a trick. You dropped her to a John to make some money. Can’t blame ya. If my girl was slinging those saggy mutilated flappers around every tom dick and Harry… Then we can’t forget John, now can we? I’d be getting what I could from her ass too. At least More than just whatever rides over in her prison pouch once she rolls them bad babies

Too funny, you had some balls the other night though. The lumps aren’t balls honey. Herpagandasuphillitis or trickagottalottashouldaraptighteritis Is what I call it. I know u couldn’t afford your full transition but if it makes you feel better you’re more manly than the pathetic skin popsicle that probably left a trail of used tools rusting in your skank hole.  That’s awk..ward….. You know that infection corroding everything.. Hope you have PLPD on that dis’ (I just puked in my mouth a little)🤮🍔🕳💨😵

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