Spiked punch

Your hearts made of stone
Chiseled by a spike made of ice
The freezer wielding that brick
I thought I’d thawed twice.

Watching only your back
Your frozen shoulder is turned
I should have  frostbite
But boy was I burned

I’m fueled now with a range
You’re vague and detached
Devouring flames so lethal
The devil himself stuck the match

Drowning waves of emotion
So quickly we sank
The blades stuck in my back
While certainly, I’m stepping your plank

Venomous words you’ve now spat
A snake filled with deceit
Shedding your scaly pretense
Vacating what’s removed at my feet

Abandoned in your shade
A grave dug for one
A bed of lies laid for me
6 feet under your sun

The frigid overwhelming
In my own private hell
Alone all that duration
Because you’re a spiked clammed-up shell

The table laying destroyed
You defiled the spread
devouring my affection selfishly
Displaying a menu mislead

I’m not hungry anymore


Observe that!!

So I’ve been communicating my preface to numerous men and women to assess they’re reaction and get some inspiration in hopes to guide me in the direction of this publication. I’d like to use factual stories in my exploration into the complicated psyche of us woman.. Because although i may be one.. I Can only speak on my own Occurrences. I can unquestionably say through enough circumstances that I’m equipped to discuss in a literary description pertaining to factors i believe men desire as well as require to know. While everyone has been intrigued with yhis writng so far.. Little have given me much to work with. So that leaves me to get started with my own tales.

I personally believed i understood men relatively well.. Recently i read a book written by Jason Stedman called how to catch him and keep him. This is actually what prompted the proclamations in this script
I did so much of what Jason said women do incorrect that it kinda got me in my feelings. How can a man know all the things a women does wrong? Then i had a realization of what i was truly reading.
Although he may be advising us what were doing.. He is primarily informing us how men respond or better yet lack there of to our actions
It got me contemplating
Woman do all these crazes because that’s what we think is needed.. Honestly i agree with Jason..we need to do less.

Its amusing because I’m actually the guiltiest at doing everything for the someone I’m with. My last romance.. He didn’t even have to jerk himself off if he didn’t want to.. Lol I’m almost not joking. The tragic part is I spent entry single day thinking of what i could do each day to showonstrate to himi loved him. I’d buy him something cool whenever i got the opportunity.. Tried to take care of his needs.. Not just in the bedroom but all of them.. Even the essential ones.. Food.. Water shelter
His gas.. Smokes.. Clothes.. Try to do little things to show i care.
In all of that I kept obsessing over why he couldn’t see what a good woman i am..and I ended up forfeited my best friend.
I did every Single thing Jason logged and paid the absolute price.

So.. Jason stedman.. If u ever flip through this Just know I’m not only regarding your message to its fullest to see if the outcomes not only get my man to want me back.. Which i haven’t decided that’s even something I’m even willing to try.. I love him so much but I’ve loved several others.. There’s probably more for me.. Time will tell

Presently the circumstance is this.. Its been less than a month since we separated.. But he already is with another girl who has nothing to offer in comparison .
Not even pertaining to looks.. No car.. No job.. Been to prison.. But she obviously has or does something for him i didn’t.
So I have altered my behavior.. I’ve been mostly a delight. He resides with another best friend of 25 years so unwarranted to say I’m around.. The are already less than a happy item. I was nearly her friend until she did the dirtiest female thing and let me cry on her shoulder and then fucked my man.
The traumas are still delicate but I’ve been optimistic and I been unbothered enough to hang with just them. Adulting is rough jason
I expended a decent fraction of this evening with him in the barn and her inside. I expect she knows the ride that’s in store
While i am going to regard all of your knowledge I’m gonna have to put a twist on them..

Hold up..

She’s leaving.. Lol because I’m here..

I’m going to have to see this one out

I’ll fill you in on the details later.

Woman really are fucked up creatures.. I might have my work ahead of me guys. I didn’t know 5 min ago my agendas.. So hope that gives you some insight.. Because we are perplexing even ourselves.
Gotta go and let a bitch cry on my shoulder….
NOT..shhh I’m supposed to being less work to be with like Jason said
Or at least less work than her..
He can cry on Me..on my vagina lmfao

Observe that!

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