Curds Mcnasty

. Ya know when you find an old Mcdonald’s hamburger in your car? One from that family road trip that one of the kids must have dropped. And it looks precisely the same. Ugh. I dub that a Mc Nasty. That’s what this skank looks like. Every time I see her she’s in identical cloths as last time.. skin looking all rubbery, with some variety of film coating you can’t help but want to scrap off .. Don’t even get me started with the mockery of a man he is..a clown with the worst jokes. You know him! He gets fucked up at your kid’s birthday party and pisses himself. Contracted because your husband didn’t pay attention when you asked him to book the amusement for little Susie s 6th birthday. This last resort clown doesn’t stink like piss, stagnant cigars, and shame as normal. Sideshow spike gives off more of an onion, ass, and methamphetamine fragrance, that you can virtually taste it’s so robust. Curds Mc Nasty over here, experimenting with my style.. All failed laughable attempts. Dyed her hair red.. Really Girl? Trying to do her makeup like me. So Pathetic! “🎶O..l..d Mc…Nasty had some meat curtains. E..I E..I just doesn’t hoe.🎶 Then sideshow rocking the same 3 outfits that I purchased for him. He snips off the sleeves..adds some stains and never washes them again. As if I don’t know you are both lapping up the sludge from one another’s unwashed soggy carcasses baking in this summer heat. I sought to aid in your depressing existence but was triumphant only in enabling the homeless jamboree occupying the back property camper. I’m curious to know if she has to shuck his balls from his limbs or scrap the scum from his dick before the sucks it. I realize he has to use Goo Gone or some shit on her scum cavity. Ewww smegma schnitzel and curdled curtains.. That are all bumpy for his pleasure. LMFAO I’m dead..and being petty.. let’s push on before we contract something from them like false entitlement or crabs.