Kells kills it
Whore bath..dust my curtain

They must be fighting because now I’m worth talking to all of a sudden. Super cute you dropped her off at her friends you guys have a healthy relationship and you are just getting your own time to yourselves. Yeah, fucking right! LMFAO! One of two things is happening. ..You guys are fighting and broke up, Again.  so, you dropped her off somewhere because she sure did message me on some dumb shit.   Or since she’s a trick. You dropped her to a John to make some money. Can’t blame ya. If my girl was slinging those saggy mutilated flappers around every tom dick and Harry… Then we can’t forget John, now can we? I’d be getting what I could from her ass too. At least More than just whatever rides over in her prison pouch once she rolls them bad babies

Too funny, you had some balls the other night though. The lumps aren’t balls honey. Herpagandasuphillitis or trickagottalottashouldaraptighteritis Is what I call it. I know u couldn’t afford your full transition but if it makes you feel better you’re more manly than the pathetic skin popsicle that probably left a trail of used tools rusting in your skank hole.  That’s awk..ward….. You know that infection corroding everything.. Hope you have PLPD on that dis’ (I just puked in my mouth a little)🤮🍔🕳💨😵


Spiked punch

Your hearts made of stone
Chiseled by a spike made of ice
The freezer wielding that brick
I thought I’d thawed twice.

Watching only your back
Your frozen shoulder is turned
I should have  frostbite
But boy was I burned

I’m fueled now with a range
You’re vague and detached
Devouring flames so lethal
The devil himself stuck the match

Drowning waves of emotion
So quickly we sank
The blades stuck in my back
While certainly, I’m stepping your plank

Venomous words you’ve now spat
A snake filled with deceit
Shedding your scaly pretense
Vacating what’s removed at my feet

Abandoned in your shade
A grave dug for one
A bed of lies laid for me
6 feet under your sun

The frigid overwhelming
In my own private hell
Alone all that duration
Because you’re a spiked clammed-up shell

The table laying destroyed
You defiled the spread
devouring my affection selfishly
Displaying a menu mislead

I’m not hungry anymore

Not PG..but is PIG!

To believe that you are the same guy that cried in my arms the previous night
The exact guy that kissed my forehead this morning and I thanked them for being such an incredible friend.
The last laugh will be mine though.
I’m gonna sit my crazy ass right outside because I know ur anxious about what I’m doing.
So much so, that sucking my pussy off his dick isn’t gonna get him there baby girl
Here’s the thing
Your hero, lol as you name him is just a fraud who can’t even afford a cape. He sure does wear that mask adequately enough though huh?
I had a suspicion you would be with him.. maybe it was a feeling in my gut or maybe it was the slim trail left behind you from the inability to pry your saggy cunt sack off the pavement that had confirmed your presence.
Either way, your enthusiasm to feast on my sloppy seconds proudly. Gives me just a little shot of joy. Chased with last night’s dinner

I’m so angry right now I can hardly give attention to anything besides the voice in my head screaming don’t catch a case.
The audacity of some men…
You’re not even going to rinse your dick before you let that critter slob on it
How fucking disgusting
Your scum and I can’t help but speculate that not only do you know that but you embrace it

Delighted your okay being concealed away in a camper crammed with waste.. Its a very suitable location for a person of your desperate disposition.

One thing I’ve realized from your writings Jason is that self worth and self respect are desirable to men.

Even though i could have been more grown-up when i declared openly to her that he fucked me less than 8 hours ago and i hope my pussy taste good..
I can’t imagine knowingly having a dirty dick in your chops illuminates self respect of any type.

Either way I don’t want him back..
But i am gonna ensure they have a favorable juncture once they are finished.
Which understand me when i say. I’ll see her in I recognize all too well his short comings.. Lmfao

Wow.. That was much timelier then i guessed it would be.. and i know the only satisfaction you had girl was walking out here, with him to smirk at me.
At least your honest about how i taste.. But to counter your question no I’m not gonna let you sample the source..
I can obtain a female that is much more merciful on the eyes and the abdomen if that was my inclination.

In Jason stedmans writings he discusses captivating the kind of men who are grown and ready for the real thing.. That’s the real objective here anyways.. I’m not striving to get a participation ribbon that was pulled from the ass of a grotesque individual masquerading in a man suit..
I deserve a prize of what real love has to offer a woman like myself

I had to go off on this little rant so i am prepared to close the chapter of pathetic people i tend to surround myself with. Now let me get on with my learning on how to catch him and keep him..
Not caught him and keep catching him up.