Spiked punch

Your hearts made of stone
Chiseled by a spike made of ice
The freezer wielding that brick
I thought I’d thawed twice.

Watching only your back
Your frozen shoulder is turned
I should have  frostbite
But boy was I burned

I’m fueled now with a range
You’re vague and detached
Devouring flames so lethal
The devil himself stuck the match

Drowning waves of emotion
So quickly we sank
The blades stuck in my back
While certainly, I’m stepping your plank

Venomous words you’ve now spat
A snake filled with deceit
Shedding your scaly pretense
Vacating what’s removed at my feet

Abandoned in your shade
A grave dug for one
A bed of lies laid for me
6 feet under your sun

The frigid overwhelming
In my own private hell
Alone all that duration
Because you’re a spiked clammed-up shell

The table laying destroyed
You defiled the spread
devouring my affection selfishly
Displaying a menu mislead

I’m not hungry anymore


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