Heed this advice

For the love of God..please heed this 1 sliver of guidance if you take nothing else away from my book.
I’m gonna leap right into this one because it is a piece of information I feel needs to be advised and every guy has either said this or has listened to one of their friends say it… And it irritates my very soul.
” I made her climb the wall”
For fuck sakes guys… really?
You think this is a good thing…seriously?!
Noooo it isn’t!
If you go ask your woman.. because this is what she does everytime you go down on her and she contradicts me.. she’s lying and rightfully so since she’s had to fake that orgasm every single time..poor girl.. and you wonder why she’s permanently a bitch..
We get blue balls too..
If we’re not passed out or trying to feed you.. your duty is not performed and we’re pre-planning the next fight.. well that’s if you actually got us close to orgasming at all..
If she climbs the wall..lol and isn’t pissed.. than you really have work to do because your doing it all wrong..
Your to close to the clitorous if she is backing up…period!
Personal vagina navigation only..a little down and to the left.
While the location may be unique depending on the woman..our responses are not..
If we are shifting away in any way.. you’re not getting us to cum. We fake it just to make it end… or jerk your head up to kiss you..to make it stop..or instruct you to have intercourse with us.. So you will quit.
Seeing a pattern here..
If your where you need to be we will be clasping your head.. clenching our legs to keep you in position..or something of that character.. to prohibit you from moving.
If you’re doing it adequately.. your presumably not getting much oxygen either.. a round of applause for you my good sir! Enlighten your comrades of what’s really up!

If she doesn’t back up or hold your head in place.. she’s assembly is not even excited by you enough to conjure a fake orgasm and bitching in her head about your miserable attempt in satisfying a woman and wondering why she’s still there.
Sounds brutal but seriously it’s true.
If we love you we will fake it.. if we like you we will fake it.
Even if we orgasm..we fake many more just for you!
But that’s the dilemma ladies.
And we have let it go on long enough!!

Numerous men get so close. then start attempting to do some ridiculous trick.. right when we’re almost near climax.
Just don’t!! No ABCs or 1 2 3 s… if she’s responding stick to whatever your performing.. the switch.. is the fuck up.
And there went your bomb submarine sandwich for some generic alphabet soup.. That no one enjoyed.. Just saying

Don’t be confused..i know some men understand their way around the female physique.. but these men are vigilant to the reactions of their women or have been in a relationship with a woman who’s not intimidated to inform them what they want. as you will discover in this book..our body language confesses better than our mouths.
Except me. I’m always doing the most so I’m saying it louder for the modest women in the back I think we all can achieve the objective we crave.
You’re welcome!• Now that we have lightened the mood and set a little tone for the boundaries I don't plan on having for the greater portion of this writing. I'm setting out on a mission to see what men think they know about women. As well as hearing what they would like to know. I hope I get to Be pleasantly surprised. Plus I like to laugh. Should be interesting


Continued don’t be a dick

I personally believed i understood men relatively well.. Recently i read a book written by Jason Stedman called how to catch him and keep him. This is actually what prompted the proclamations in this script
I did so much of what Jason said women do incorrect that it kinda got me in my feelings. How can a man know all the things a women does wrong? Then i had a realization of what i was truly reading.
Although he may be advising us what were doing.. He is primarily informing us how men respond or better yet lack there of to our actions
It got me contemplating
Woman do all these crazes because that’s what we think is needed.. Honestly i agree with Jason..we need to do less.

Its amusing because I’m actually the guiltiest at doing everything for the someone I’m with. My last romance.. He didn’t even have to jerk himself off if he didn’t want to.. Lol I’m almost not joking. The tragic part is I spent entry single day thinking of what i could do each day to showonstrate to himi loved him. I’d buy him something cool whenever i got the opportunity.. Tried to take care of his needs.. Not just in the bedroom but all of them.. Even the essential ones.. Food.. Water shelter
His gas.. Smokes.. Clothes.. Try to do little things to show i care.
In all of that I kept obsessing over why he couldn’t see what a good woman i am..and I ended up forfeited my best friend.
I did every Single thing Jason logged and paid the absolute price.

So.. Jason stedman.. If u ever read through this Just know I’m not only regarding your message to its fullest to see if the outcomes not only get my man to want me back.. Which i haven’t decided that’s even something I’m even willing to try.. I love him so much but I’ve loved several others.. There’s probably more for me.. Time will tell

Don’t be a dick

So I’ve been communicating my preface to numerous men and women to assess they’re reaction and get some inspiration in hopes to guide me in the direction of this publication. I’d like to use factual stories in my exploration into the complicated psyche of us woman.. Because although i may be one.. I Can only speak on my own Occurrences. I can unquestionably say through enough circumstances that I’m equipped to discuss in a literary description pertaining to factors i believe men desire as well as require to know. While everyone has been intrigued with this writng so far.. Little have given me much to work with. So that leaves me to get started with my own tales.

So I recently read a book called “catch him and keep him” by Jason stedman and it inspired me to start writing again

I believe that God must be a woman.

Women are the givers of life and I fully

species communicate this. The praying mantis bites the head of her mate when they are done having sex. The octopus Rips off the tentacle of the male.. throws it at him and feasts on his body for a week. There’s a marsupial native to Australia that goes on a 14-hour mating spree and then suffers a fatal immune system deterioration and does. Living less than a year.
My point here gentlemen don’t be just a dick..if you understand her.. you can be so much more. I’m not here trying to be sexist.. but more to give an insight on how you can not only understand how a woman’s mind works.. but utilize what I tell you to get whatever it is you might be looking for.

listen.. to what she’s saying.. with her words and with her body.

If you are incapable of accomplishing that then really read carefully because she is telling you so much more than you comprehend.
Not all women are comfortable enough to vocalize what they crave.. so ladies I’m going to confess it for the rest because our wants need to be known too.
Not just about sex.. about everything
We have already divulged to you everything you need to know and provided you with all the methods you need to execute the task.
If men just really listened there could be a tremendous power shift.
Because let’s face it.. women make the world go round. Especially if we’re happy.
Happy wife..happy life Right?

In this text, I’m going to tell you exactly what she’s meaning.. and some of these facts men are not going to want to hear or believe.
Why listen to what I have to say?
Because I’m the vagina… and I’m going to share what we’re thinking.. actually wanting.. and the secret to why it appears like men and women seem to be from different planets.
So earth to the fellas.. here is what you need to know.


  • Buckle up!

Hi! My names Toni. I’m starting this blog hoping to share this crazy voyage I’m on with other lost in individuals. My story is long and the “extra” never stops. I can think of very few things i haven’t yet been through and then…..

Last year alone:

-2 miscarriages in my second trimester

-Found my fiance dead

-Held hostage

-Home invasion

That’s just naming a few!

I’m also mildly amusing and plan on both laughing and learning with my audience. I’m a blogging newbie, but someone must need to hear all i have to say!